Easter 2015

By Annie

Still catching up on the posts from the past few months.  Here are pictures from Easter.  We had a great day.  We woke up to find that he Easter Bunny came and left us hidden eggs and baskets.  After a beautiful Easter Mass, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a quick egg hunt (#2) before heading down to Grandma and Grandpa Duffy’s house for some family fun and another (#3) egg hunt.  It was a blast!


Mommy ad Daddy told us to look, not touch until they got up.  This is how Owen and I look…20150405-IMG_5055

Caught in the act!20150405-IMG_5062

Ready to find some eggs!20150405-IMG_506420150405-IMG_506820150405-IMG_507020150405-IMG_5074

Counting all of the eggs.  Some had Lucy treats in them too!

All dressed up!20150405-IMG_508220150405-IMG_5101

Sugar sillies.  20150405-IMG_510320150405-IMG_510720150405-IMG_510820150405-IMG_510920150405-IMG_5110

Owen was very happy to find money in his eggs.  He wants to buy Pokemon cards.  20150405-IMG_511520150405-IMG_512420150405-IMG_512720150405-IMG_5129

Owen being silly (probably the sugar).20150405-IMG_513020150405-IMG_513220150405-IMG_513320150405-IMG_513420150405-IMG_5138

I wasn’t in the picture mood at this point.  20150405-IMG_514020150405-IMG_514120150405-IMG_5145

But boy, Owen sure was!20150405-IMG_515120150405-IMG_517120150405-IMG_5172

Owen does not like Martin Van Buren!  20150405-IMG_5187

Owen is still silly!

Decorating our bags before the egg hunt.20150405-IMG_528020150405-IMG_528420150405-IMG_528720150405-IMG_529120150405-IMG_529820150405-IMG_529920150405-IMG_530020150405-IMG_530320150405-IMG_530520150405-IMG_530920150405-IMG_531320150405-IMG_531420150405-IMG_531920150405-IMG_532220150405-IMG_532420150405-IMG_532920150405-IMG_533320150405-IMG_533620150405-IMG_5341

Silly boys.20150405-IMG_534720150405-IMG_534920150405-IMG_535220150405-IMG_535720150405-IMG_5358

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