Seattle 2017

By Annie

WARNING:  This is a LONG post with a lot of pictures.  That is because it was an amazing trip and we have so much to share.  So be prepared to spend a lot of time on this post.  For those in a summer reading program like us, you may want to log the time!  We did break out the post into sections based on the day of the trip…so enjoy!  

We headed out to Seattle earlier this month for a family vacation and for Mommy’s best friend Heather’s wedding.  Seattle is this really cool city on the West Coast with so much to do.  We feel like we barely scratched the surface!

Day One

You would think a six+ hour flight would kill the day, but no.  Since there is the time change, we gained three hours meaning it was like we went back in time!  We were able to still have time to head out for a yummy dinner and check out the cool roof deck at the hotel with an AMAZING view of the city and Mount Rainier.


Day Two

This was July 4th.  We got out early to check out Pike Place Market.  We met up with Heather and Craig and their family, and we explored the market including a place where they throw fish (crazy!).  We had yummy mini donuts that are apparently famous (well deserved fame I may add) and then did a little shopping.  I got a cute stuffed puppy that looks like Lucy.  I named her Seattle.  Grandma bought Owen dog poop – really.  Of course it is fake.  Daddy told Grandma to stop buying Owen crap (note – he approved me typing that here).  We finished off the market trip recreating a picture Mommy and Heather took many years ago and then had Owen and Carter take the same picture.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick rest before heading out into the local neighborhood – Fremont.  We went to the Fremont Troll, which is a famous art piece that you can climb on.  Owen was being silly and sticking his head in the troll’s nose…boys.  We then headed into downtown Fremont to check out the neighborhood and eat dinner.  Fremont was pretty cool.

After dinner, we had to rush back to the hotel for the big fireworks show and to make sure we had a spot on the hotel’s roof deck.We had to wait forever for the fireworks.  You see, it doesn’t get dark in Seattle until almost 10pm, and the fireworks started at 10:30pm.  That is really like 1:30am our time.  Being the party girl, I stayed awake.  Owen, not so much.


Day Three

We headed out to the Space Needle in the morning.  It was pretty cool to go so high up and see everything.  What a view.  Afterwards, we checked out a glass art exhibit (boring but Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa loved it) and then found a fun climbing park.  It went so high.  I was a bit scared at first, but with Owen’s help, I made it to the top.

Later, we hopped into the van and drove onto a boat.  Yes, that says drove onto a boat.  We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island where we walked around, went into a lot of shops (Owen’s favorite) and had a yummy lunch and ice cream before heading back on the ferry.  Finally, Owen and Carter swam in the hotel pool while Mommy and I went out with Heather to get our nails done for the wedding.  So much fun!

Day Four:  

This was the big day…not the wedding, but my 6th birthday.  I woke up to find the hotel living room filled with balloons just like at home.  I love balloons.  We headed to this neat park called Gasworks Park.  It was an old factory that pumped gas off of boats.  Owen thought it was called Gasworks for another reason (oh, 3rd grade boy humor…).  It has been shut down for a long time and they turned it into a cool park with a great view of the lake and downtown Seattle.

After the park, we headed back to the Market area to meet up with Grammy and Grandpop who were on their summer road trip and happened to be in the area.  We went to the Seattle Aquarium which had really cute sea otters and harbor seals.  I had to have the Mommy-Baby harbor seal stuffed animals from the gift shop!

After the aquarium, we met up with Heather and her family for dinner.  While at the restaurant, we started taking silly selfies with Daddy’s phone.  Instead of birthday cake, I wanted a specific cupcake from Cupcake Royale called “Dance Party.”  We finished the night off with a ride on the ferris wheel.  I actually fell asleep on the ride from the bakery but I told Mommy and Daddy I wanted to go ON my birthday so we went (kid tip:  sometimes you need to hold your ground with your parents…).  I did rally and the views from the ferris wheel were amazing and totally worth the late night!


Day Five

On day five, we headed out to a really fun place called Discovery Park.  It had the most amazing beach with all of these rocks and driftwood.  It isn’t like any beach you would find in Jersey!  After the beach, we headed out for a nice dinner that Heather’s parents hosted for the wedding.  We ended the night hanging out on the roof deck (again) where I grabbed Daddy’s phone and took a ton of selfies!


Day Six (Wedding Day!)

So, the other big day of the trip was, of course, Heather and Craig’s wedding.  That wasn’t until later in the day so in the morning we headed out for breakfast to a neighborhood called Ballard.  Owen got this giant cinnamon roll (Mommy and Daddy may have helped him eat it).  They also had this giant street fair taking place so we walked around for a bit to check out the shops and stands.  I bought a hair band.  Owen and Grandpa loved the music stores and Owen even bought a few CDs including some oldies (Michael Jackson and Madonna).  We finished up and headed back to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding took place at Craig’s parents’ house that overlooked the sound and Olympia Mountains.  It was a beautiful view and an amazing wedding.  I had so much fun being a part of their day!  Make sure to check out all of our Photo Booth pictures below.  Owen really had fun with it!

Day Seven

We started off the day with a yummy post-wedding breakfast with everyone.  Then, we headed to the lake for the “Ice Cream Cruise” which is a great one hour tour of the lake and all of the houseboats.  They call it the Ice Cream Cruise because you can eat ice cream while you go around the lake.  The Captain explained what everything was, told some funny stories and shared a lot of history about the lake and Seattle.  Daddy pointed out all of the boats he wanted.

We finished off the night hanging out on the roof deck one more time.  It was a great deck!


Well, that is about it.  The final day was pretty boring – just waking up, packing and flying home.  Seattle was a fun trip.  Now, if I could just get used to waking up so early here in NJ!!!

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