Hershey Park 2017

By Owen

Regular readers of our blog will know that we LOVE Hershey Park!  We headed there again this summer a few weeks back – this time with our neighbors.  We stayed over one night at the Hershey Lodge and had a blast.  We started off day one (after that long nap, I mean drive) tackling the new indoor waterpark at the Lodge.  It had water slides, splash areas, several pools and a fun American Ninja Warrior-like obstacle where you had to run across the water hopping on these floating reese peanut butter cups.  We kind of took over this obstacle for a bit as you can see from the pictures below.

Then, we had a quick bite to eat before hitting the park.  We went on a lot of rides including Sooper Doooper Looper.  It was Annie’s first time on an upside down roller coaster.  She loved it – Mom, not so much.  We also hit up one of our favorites from past trips – Comet.  We finished up the night with a special treat at the Lodge.

The next day was all Hershey Park.  We hit the park early and conquered.  A few of us visited the new and improved Chocolate World ride first.  It is basically the same with some new technology including more screens and computer generated stuff.  Then, we hit the rides and waterpark.  Since I was now a Hershey Bar, I got to go on some of the bigger rides.  I really liked Lightning Racer and Wildcat.  Annie was a bit sad that she couldn’t go on them and I tried to explain that I understood.  She didn’t buy it.  After some rides, we tackled the waterpark area for a bit and then some more rides.  We were having a great day!

That is, until the skies opened up and it poured.  We waiting out the first rainstorm under an umbrella.  However, about an hour later, the bigger storm hit and that was the end of our day in the park.  We ran back to the shuttle and dried off at the hotel before heading home.

All in all, it was a great trip.  Like I said, we love Hersey Park!

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