9 on 9/9

By Owen

It was my birthday on Saturday and I turned nine on the ninth.  That is pretty cool, huh?  It was even cooler being on a weekend – no school to get in the way!  I woke up to find a back room filled with balloons and got an amazing turntable gift from Mom, Dad and Annie.  Then we headed out for breakfast at Turning Point with my main lady – Grandma.  We tried these things called Bacon Pops which were apple wedges wrapped in bacon and covered in brown sugar.  Wow – they were good and we definitely need to make these at home!  After breakfast, Grandma and I headed to Barnes and Noble to get a record for my new turntable – Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Grandma also got me the Lady Gaga Joanne album earlier at breakfast – a good start to my collection).

When I returned home, I set-up my new record player as well as an older stereo system that Grandpa had given me.  Now I have a really cool music station in my room.  It rocks!

For dinner, Mom, Dad, Annie, Grandpa and I headed out to Jose Tejas for dinner.  I mean it is my birthday and I LOVE burritos!  It was my first time at this place and it was VERY good.  On the way home I made the decision to finish the night at Carvel instead of the traditional birthday cake.  I had a Death by Chocolate milkshake and loved every sip of it!

Turning nine is pretty cool…

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