Trick or Treat 2017

By Owen

As our regular blog readers know, I have really gotten into music lately.  So for my Halloween costume this year, I decided I wanted to be Michael Jackson.  I made sure it was only a small circle who knew of my plans because I wanted it to be a surprise.  To add to the surprise fun, I decided to tell Mom the night before that I wanted to be the Michael Jackson from Thriller.  Mom had a moment of panic as she had to figure out how to do the make-up but as you can see from the pictures, she nailed it!  Annie was a witch this year, and a cute one if I do say so myself.

We did our typical neighborhood trick or treating after school.  But this year, we had a larger group and we went much further out…READ:  MORE CANDY.

It was a great Halloween.  Even Lucy got in on the action with a costume.  Here are some pictures from our fun day.  Enjoy!

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