A Hot Weekend!

By Annie

In case you did not know, this weekend was HOT. It was just about 100 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday. And the weatherman said something about feeling more like 110 degrees. I am not sure what they meant, but then again I always tune out when Mom and Dad put the news on. I am only eight years old after all!

Since it was so hot, we had to adjust our plans. That, and Mom has been away in Canada with her friends where it was 46 degrees in the morning! That would feel great to me!

On Friday, we did a little shopping including a trip to my favorite store, Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have a ton of soccer stuff there and I got a new ball and soccer shorts. Then, we headed to Wegmans for lunch and some food shopping. Later, Owen headed off for a sleepover at a friend’s house and Lauren hung out with me. We played some of my new puppy board games and made homemade (mix) waffles for breakfast.

We held a lemonade stand on Saturday. We offered pink and yellow lemonade. We also offered Owen’s sun-tea. That was a big hit as a lot of customers mixed it with lemonade to make something they called an Arnold Palmer. It was hot so we broke out the misting fan to keep us and the customers cool. We also offered free drinks to anyone working like the mailman. We had a ton of customers and made enough so each kid got ten dollars. Owen and I decided to donate our money to pets in need. As a reward, Dad took us for some yummy frozen yogurt at my favorite place, Bohemian Raspberry.

On Sunday, we went to breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa after church and then Dad took us to Yesterdcades for some indoor (cool) arcade fun. We had a blast! Now, one more day before Mom gets home!

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