What a Weekend!

By Annie

This past weekend was a fun one! We celebrated Mom’s birthday (a big one but I can’t say which one because you should never talk about a woman’s age or so I am told…) with a ton of experiences. There is a lot so make sure you read this page all the way to the end!

It started off with a trip down to a place called Asbury Park with Grandma and Grandpa. Asbury Park was a fun beach town that we had not visited before. There are a ton of artwork and fun stuff to do and see. We will definitely be back! We ate dinner by the ocean at a place called Langosta Lounge and then headed downtown for some yummy bakery treats at Confections of a Rockstar Bakery.

On Friday, we headed into the City (i.e. New York City for the non-locals). We went to this really neat place called Eatery for some yummy Italian food. I had buttered pasta (surprise) and Owen had some seafood pasta dish (another surprise). The food was so yummy. We also checked out a few stores including the M&M store, the Lego store, the Nintendo store, some place called Kate Spade for Mom (boring) and Fishs Eddy which was a fun store with a ton of puppy cups, dishes and other accessories. I had to get a puppy bag! We finished the night seeing our first Broadway show Wicked. It was AMAZING!

On Sunday we headed down to Ocean Beach to spend the day with Grammy and Grandpop. We had fun playing games and doing crafts before hitting the beach. There was an amazing low tide and we had so much fun.

We finished the weekend of experiences and celebrations with a neighborhood barbecue hosted by our neighbors. We had a ton of fun and even had the ice cream truck top by for dessert.

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