Disney Day Three

By Owen

We headed to Epcot on the third day and I was VERY excited about the food and wine festival! We arrived to see our favorite character – Pluto! Then we went on a few rides including Soaring and Test Track. Both were so much fun. We also went on a ride called The Land that ended in a greenhouse and talked about Disney’s efforts related to conservation and growing their own food. It was very interesting. We did a quick chocolate testing before walking the world.

I loved trying food from the various countries including Australia, Morocco, India and China to name a few. I even tried snails (escargot) which I really liked. The food was so good and I could have kept eating all day!

We finished with a ride on Spaceship Earth before heading to dinner at Chef Mickey’s (Annie’s requirement for this trip). The food was ok, but the characters were amazing. Yes, I still love seeing the guys! We finished the night with a ride back to our hotel with the Minivan service. Our car was a Chevy Traverse, which Annie says is her dream car and she was very excited (though her dream car changes often…).

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