Quarantine Time

By Annie

Pretty sure everyone already knows, but things have been a bit different lately. We are all home and encouraged to keep our distance from others. We are even having school at home. It is definitely a change! Here are some pictures of our new normal! There are a lot below – you are warned. Dad has been taking a lot. When we yell at him, he says we will thanks him when we are parents telling our kids about the big quarantine of 2020…

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

First up, some school pictures. Our teachers are amazing. Each day they give us assignments and use Zoom to communicate with the class. I still cannot believe our teachers were able to change the way they teach completely in about a day. They are superstars!

We also celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day at home. Mom made some yummy corned beef and cabbage and we all wore green. This year was a special St Pats Day because it was 30 years since Dad’s Mom passed away. Unfortunately we could not make it to cemetery but we thought about her a lot!

We have also been keeping busy with music and projects inside as well as keeping Lucy company (though I think she misses having the house to herself to sleep!).

We have also used technology to communicate with family and friends. We had a Sunday Call to Action with Zoom and Owen even had a tea party with Grandma and Grandpa! Mom and Dad have been using it a lot for work too.

And of course, we have been getting outside as often as we can to move! We got some new climbing ropes and other fun things for the swing set. We also got a rebounder and goal so I can practice soccer. Owen and I even went on a few runs to workout with Dad. Think we all love getting outside and moving!

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