Jefferson Parade

By Owen

Normally, when you graduate fifth grade at Jefferson, there is this big clap-out celebration where all of the fifth graders walk thru the halls and everyone claps. Then you head outside and all the families are out there – you guessed it, clapping. Well, if you didn’t know already, 2020 has been anything but normal. Since we never went back to the school, the school put together a car parade in place of the clap-out. I wasn’t feeling it leading up to the night. However, my Mom and Dad decorated their car with balloons, streamers and signs. Then, they let me stand up in the moonroof as we drove in the parade where I waved a flag (Jefferson Towel turned into a flag by Dad) and waived at all the teachers. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun.

After the parade, Annie’s teacher came over and met with her and some of her classmates in our front yard, socially distant. Mrs. C was also my third grade teacher! The girls had a lot of fun seeing each other not on a screen!

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