Turkey Day

By Annie

For Thanksgiving we headed to Grandma’s house for dinner.  We were supposed to head out for dessert to see Grandpop but Owen started feeling sick and we had to just go home.  Poor Owen.  He didn’t even get to eat any yummy dessert.  That’s how you know he was sick!  Here are some pictures from our day.


Olivia showing up ready to party.


Grandpa telling me about all of the yummy food we will have.20131128-IMG_3565



owen sick 1

Poor Owen…20131128-IMG_358620131128-IMG_3588

ray carving20131128-IMG_358920131128-IMG_361220131128-IMG_361320131128-IMG_361620131128-IMG_361820131128-IMG_3620

Owen taking a nap during dinner.20131128-IMG_3621


Owen trying soda for the first time – in hopes that it would help his stomach feel better…don’t think it worked but he did like it!

Olivia and I just being silly…20131128-IMG_362720131128-IMG_363720131128-IMG_363920131128-IMG_365720131128-IMG_365920131128-IMG_3669

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