July 4th (and the start of my birthday celebration!)

By Annie

For July 4th, we headed over to Uncle Rob & Aunt Nancy’s house.  Nicole came all the way from Texas (apparently it’s pretty far away and not like Jersey) and brought Sean and his son Dusty.  Owen and I had a blast with Dusty.  My cousin Olivia came over too and all the kids ran around the yard and played with Owen’s balloons.  He calls them his buzz balloon because when you let the air out they buzz (unlike his other “Fart Balloons”).  We all loved blowing them up and letting them go.  Of course, we did lose a few but Mommy and Daddy can just buy us some more!  After a delicious dinner including Uncle Rob’s famous ribs, we celebrated my 3rd birthday with a yummy Minnie Mouse ice cream cake.  We finished off the night roasting marshmallows.  It was a great day!


Some call this football.  I call it soccer ball.20140704-IMG_821020140704-IMG_821520140704-IMG_821720140704-IMG_822220140704-IMG_8225

Olivia running wild!20140704-IMG_823220140704-IMG_823620140704-IMG_823720140704-IMG_824020140704-IMG_824420140704-IMG_826020140704-IMG_8266

Taking a break to color.  20140704-IMG_8268

Olivia and I were sneaky.  We took rolls from the grill BEFORE they had hamburgers on them…20140704-IMG_827020140704-IMG_827420140704-IMG_8283

Balloon time.20140704-IMG_828520140704-IMG_828820140704-IMG_8292

Dusty loved the balloons.20140704-IMG_829620140704-IMG_830820140704-IMG_831920140704-IMG_832420140704-IMG_8326owen balloon120140704-IMG_8341dusty120140704-IMG_835920140704-IMG_836520140704-IMG_837120140704-IMG_837720140704-IMG_838220140704-IMG_838420140704-IMG_838620140704-IMG_838720140704-IMG_839120140704-IMG_839320140704-IMG_8396

Even Olivia’s Daddy was getting in on the fun!20140704-IMG_840220140704-IMG_840420140704-IMG_840820140704-IMG_840920140704-IMG_841120140704-IMG_841320140704-IMG_841620140704-IMG_842220140704-IMG_842820140704-IMG_843320140704-IMG_843420140704-IMG_843720140704-IMG_845020140704-IMG_845720140704-IMG_847020140704-IMG_847220140704-IMG_848920140704-IMG_849120140704-IMG_849320140704-IMG_849720140704-IMG_850020140704-IMG_850220140704-IMG_8506

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