By Owen

Still playing catch-up on the blog.  Here are some pictures from July 26th.  Our cousins Lou and Sam came over for the day.  We had a blast.  Annie and I love those guys!


This is me supervising…20140726-IMG_1533-WEB20140726-IMG_1539-WEB20140726-IMG_1541-WEB20140726-IMG_1551-WEB20140726-IMG_1558-WEB20140726-IMG_1561-WEB20140726-IMG_1565-WEB20140726-IMG_1568-WEB20140726-IMG_1574-WEB20140726-IMG_1582-WEB

Olivia did not want to be in the picture.20140726-IMG_1585-WEB20140726-IMG_1586-WEB20140726-IMG_1590-WEB

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